defy labels.

“Our architect, IBI Group, developed a process where we can connect music into architecture, and in doing that we’ve created a building that in its essence has been formed by music.”

—Sheldon Fenton, President & Chief Executive Officer, Reserve Properties

“The concept is inspired by the music and the very strong relationship to the form that emerged for the building. We found the right notes that gave us a very elegant and fluid form. If you go around the building, no two faces are the same. It’s very dynamic. It’s constantly changing, so your experience of the building changes.”

—Mansoor Kazerouniu, Global Director, IBI Group Architects

“Pharrell’s vision and ideation outside the realm of real estate added so much to our process and inspired the entire team to push boundaries and create something truly amazing. “

—Shane Fenton, Chief Operating Officer, Reserve Properties

“The collaboration between Reserve, Westdale and Pharrell Williams, as well as our incredibly talented consultants, really brought to life a new way of thinking.”

—Jessica Fenton, Director, Marketing & Client Relations, Reserve Properties

“Living untitled lets you create your own world and a space where you can just be.”

—Pharrell Williams

live your life untitled.