each space is simply a backdrop
to your own experience.


Come home to a unique sense of arrival. The entrance waterfall greets you and your guests with the serenity of minimal forms to create a dramatic cascade. This falling water echoes throughout the lobby areas as spaces for movement and gathering, with an emphasis on nature.

The oasis gallery and reflection lounge, extensions of the lobby space, use tranquil stone materials in a rhythmic pattern to accentuate the focus on the serene. Reflected in the use of light, glass, stone, and plant life, this is the place for you to focus on your own rhythm.

“Combining the essence of form, natural materials and a focus on the residents, untitled is an exploration and play between nature, essentialism and Japanese ideals. Using plants, water, light and form, the spaces develop a backdrop to the residents’ own experiences, intended to relax and inspire each individual while remaining universal.”

— Kelly Cray, Principal, Creative, U31 Design


Gather in inspired spaces paying homage to Japanese gardens and landscapes, translated through the use of organic forms and airy plant life. Inspired by the minimal aesthetics of essentialism and a continuing connection to nature, spaces for gathering offer a combination of work and lounge seating to create adaptable areas for collaboration, social interaction, and productivity.


Spaces that energize and encourage movement set a playful tone, with areas that use bright colours and contemporary sculptures. Mirrored columns and accents reference the optics of play, while organic lighting features mimic movement and create dynamism. Design elements in the fitness centre encourage energy and action, while views to the meditation garden bring natural light into the space. Subtle pink tones elevate the basketball court as a place for play, separating it from the traditional. Acting as a canvas for exploration, the kids’ playroom combines minimal forms and the juxtaposition of bright colours, warm white hues and pale wood accents, with playful curved features referencing elements in nature.


Immerse in experiences for reflection, relaxation, and release. Using minimal, natural materials and concealed light, the ideals of minimalism echo throughout the tranquil meditation garden, indoor pool and lounge, spa, and outdoor pool and lounge areas. Stone and ambient lighting form the base for essentialism and serenity, with soft falling water that plays on geometric shapes and natural tone-on-tone materials to encourage relaxation and balance.

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